Collection: Mother's Day 2024 Candle/Melt Combo Gift Set

May 12, 2024 is the calendar day we celebrate our Mama's but if we are being honest, these incredible women deserve year round celebration.

Make sure to take advantage of our awesome Mother's Day combo set you can find here.  Buy one 16oz candle and get two free 3oz melts for the low price of only $20 (plus S&H).

The fragrances will be coordinating.

That's an incredible deal!

We have chosen two fragrances to feature for this sale.

Ma'Maw's Gardenia & Nana's Kitchen. Ma'Maw is Kesha's Mama and Nana is Mick's Mama.

Two incredibly strong and beautiful women who have raised their children to be happy and successful and now have the pleasure of being grandmothers to many grandbabies.

We owe our Mama's all the love and praise, not just during the month of May, but ALWAYS!